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We offer a safe environment for children and adults to open up and be helped. Counselling through play. Play therapy is the fun part of counselling - through techniques we are able to counsel, help and guide our clients from the tender age of 3. We specialize in play therapy, trauma counselling, divorce counselling, marriage guidance and counselling, blended families and much more. The magic of play therapy is that children do not even notice they are in counselling, they see it as a fun place to share feelings, worries and 'stress'.

We do interventions, well-being assessments, assessing your everyday life and giving you the tools and skills to deal with it in a healthy way.


We offer play therapy for children, play therapy consists of techniques, such as role playing, puppets, doll playing, sand play, clay and crayon techniques, story telling.

We create a special environment for each individual, where they can feel safe to share and feel understood.


Individual and group trauma counselling for the family, marriage guidance, marriage counselling, blended families etc. We also offer counselling to adults, in a playful way, color intervention is a fun way to establish the root of the concerns surfacing.

We offer divorce counselling for those individuals going through a divorce or who had gone through a divorce and is struggling to cope with the pain and reality of it. We offer 'marriage counselling' as well as 'marriage guidance and preparation' as a fun way to help deal with everyday issues.


We offer a safe environment for families and individuals to open up and be given the opportunity and the tools and skills to cope with everyday struggles.